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The Polish Limnological Society (PLS) is a scientific association which conducts its activities on the basis of the Polish law and in particular on the basis of the Act on Associations. The first Scientific Committee - the Palaeolimnological Committee - was established in 2006.

The principal goals of the PLS are:

  • supporting all scientific , research, technical, engineering, surveying, monitoring, training and educational activities in the field of limnology, and in particular those activities related to the natural and anthropological transformations of lakes, the protection and management of lakes,
  • improving methods of applying science to protect the natural environment and enhancing water management,
  • developing science in the field of limnology and promoting this science as one of the branches of the Earth sciences,
  • creating favourable conditions for discussion, exchange of opinions and publishing research results,
  • initiating, supporting and coordinating various research activities to solve limnological problems which require interdisciplinary, interregional or international cooperation,
  • representing interests of the Society members in the field of their professional activities and before authorities, the society and other Polish and foreign societies.

Polish Limnological Society achieves its goals by:

  • cooperating with research centres, scientific and technical associations and societies both in Poland and abroad, administrative and inspection institutions and organizations,
  • organizing congresses, conferences, scientific sessions, lectures, talks, exhibitions, competitions, opinion polls, international exchange programmes, expeditions and research stays,
  • participating in Polish and international research circles,
  • presenting the achievements of Polish limnology in international scientific organizations,
  • supporting the PLS members so that they can participate actively in international conferences and research workshops and offering assistance within cooperation between the PLS and foreign research centres, associations and societies,
  • setting up Scientific Committees and Research Teams and Groups to conduct specific research tasks,
  • publishing scientific journals, bulletins and books on limnology,
  • initiating, fostering and coordinating research and scientific and technical activities,
  • rewarding, if possible, authors of research activities,
  • popularising knowledge on the importance of lakes in the natural environment,
  • other forms of social activity.